Chief Operations Officer

Operations · Johannesburg or Cape Town, South Africa
Department Operations
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Executive

Chief Operations Officer
Cape Town or Johannesburg
Full Time


Company overview

Ozow is the future of payment as we know it. An oh-so (or Ozow) easy, automated and ultra-secure EFT solution that helps customers pay in just a few seconds, merchants can initiate Ozow payments through a variety of payment platforms, such as SMS, eCommerce, eBilling, QR Code and instore Point-of-Sale (POS).

Ozow is bringing commerce to a wider audience, promoting financial inclusion, and innovating for our customers. Paying with us is Ozow easy, Ozow fast and Ozow trusted!


Job description
As the Chief Operations Officer at Ozow, you will help set and translate the company’s strategy into actionable targets by ensuring the implementation and monitoring of organisation-wide goal setting.


You will know you are performing well in the position when there is clear visibility on the progress and corrective measures needed to ensure that each department’s (Software Development, Finance, Legal, HR, Support, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Account Management) goals are aligned and on track with the organisation’s strategy and objectives.


You are an ideal candidate if:

  • You have 8+ years of operational experience with a minimum of 5 years in scaling a technology company or an IT department from tens to hundreds of people.
  • You are confident in stepping in as Head of any of the above-mentioned departments should this be required.
  • You are well-versed in Software Development and can be a thought partner to our Development team.
  • You have a network of A-players who you can recruit into the business.
  • You have previous experience in fintech (highly desirable).


You will:

  1. Serve as a member of the executive team and will be a key architect of the company’s strategy.
  2. Ensure and report on ROI in terms of engagement and deployment of resources across all departments in line with the strategy set.
  3. People. Hire and manage executive A-players and teams.
  4. Raise capital. Support the CFO and CEO and other stakeholders to raise capital to scale the business where applicable.  
  5. Mergers and acquisitions. Work in close partnership with the CEO and other stakeholders to assist with merger and acquisition efforts of the business.
  6. Values. Drive the Ozow culture and values across the business.  


You are:

  1. Honest and have integrity— You do not cut corners ethically. You earn trust and maintain the confidence of clients and team members.
  2. Strategic in your thinking/visionary. You can see and communicate the big picture in an inspiring way. You determine opportunities and threats through a comprehensive analysis of current and future trends.
  3. Innovative. You generate new and innovative approaches to problems.
  4. Entrepreneurial. You have experience creating new value within the business.
  5. Data-driven. You have experience utilising data from across the business to drive insights and better decision making.
  6. Digitally competent. You are aware of the most relevant or common technologies and can decide upon the most appropriate technology according to the purpose or need at hand.
  7. A good listener – You let others speak and seek to understand their viewpoints.
  8. Assertive — You move quickly and take a forceful stand without being overly abrasive.
  9. Open to criticism and ideas— You often solicit feedback and react calmly to criticism or negative feedback.



We are a team that support each other through this journey with respect and dignity no matter our background or where we from. We do not discriminate, exclude, or speak poorly of others. We uplift and value our relationships by being courteous, kind, and considerate​.
We deliver honestly on our commitments. We own our actions, and we accept accountability for our decisions. We are open to new opportunities and new learnings. There is so much more to explore. Together we combine our knowledge and efforts, encouraging creativity into building the Unicorn we aspire to be. Through persistence, commitment, grit, endurance, and hard work, we strive to give out our best selves in the most passionate sense because we know that the effort, we put in today will get us closer to our achievements tomorrow.


The Benefit
The Benefit of joining our 'Ozow Amazing' Team is that you get to experience vibrant growth first hand. Come and be part of this highly energetic, enthusiastic, positive team whose sole focus is on growth, growing personally as individuals, locally and globally as a trendsetter. We are big into a healthy and balanced lifestyle by encouraging healthy diets and activity. 


Have an Ozow amazing day!

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